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My name is Scott Williams. People call me "scott-joe".

I'm different things to different people. For Salesforce Marketing Cloud's UX Architecture team, I'm a senior front-end software engineer. Past lives included print & logo design, photography, computer repair, mobile development, interaction design, community development, event planning, image toning, postscript advertising processing, and large format printing.

I went to school for a bunch of things. I worked a number of jobs as I made my way through. In the end I got a piece of paper, but the day I began learning was the day I sat down with a coffee and a book and decided I wasn't going to leave the table until I'd understood something about programming. In that sense, I am an autodidact.

I'm a co-founder of the Dev Workshop and it's annual conference. I'm a co-founder and Technology Lead of The Open Indy Brigade. I am the founder of The Ansible Network. I sit on The Iron Yard's Advisory Board in Indianapolis. I sit on the Ivy Tech Visual Communications Advisory Board.

I've always enjoyed writing, but never felt I had much to say. Now I feel I may have done enough living to write something. I believe creating starts with fixing. I've fixed a lot of things in the last decade.